Living museum

Aymara Village

The Aymara village is being built in the form of a live-in museum which develops constantly and adapts to its social environment. Six houses show six different themes covering the authentic day-by-day live of the Aymara, their traditions and customs.  


Six houses

The village consists of the house of the lama breeder, the house of the farmer, a chapel, an eatery with tipical dishes, a library and a hall displaying local flora and fauna. Each house is managed by an Aymara inhabitant. This in turn creates local employment opportunities in an area strongly hit by emigration.


Aymara and travelers

The Aymara village comes alive through the Aymara population itself. This way bridges are created between locals and travelers. The visitor learns about the culture and traditions of the Aymara first hand which in return raises the feeling of self-esteem of the Aymara as nation.

Model Aymara museum in Putre
Chapel in the chilean Altiplano
Aymara women in Putre