Meeting Point

The first museum building

The house of the Llamero (Lama breeders) is planed to be build as first museum building. Works will start in April 2008. This building is a "house of encounters" and will serve different purposes.

Cultural Hall

There is a large demand for a cultural hall in Putre. Chakana therefore offers this first museum building to be used as cultural hall as well. It shall be used by the Aymara children theater group, by Andean music groups and other cultural associations for their practice sessions.


The information centre is also used as a library by travellers and locals to get information about the Aymara culture, flora, faune and the history of the region. Exibitions and movie screenings also took place in the library.

Foundation Trekking Chile

The museum is managed by the Foundation Trekking Chile. The funds come from grants, government funds and private investors.

In Nordchile findet man viele Felsritzung, die zum teil sehr gut erhalten sind