Living museum

A "living museum" will be built on Chakana’s compound dedicated to the Aymara culture. The Aymara is one of the three oldest and largest native tribes in South America. Their culture and language has been preserved until today. Putre will accommodate the first Aymara Museum ever. The museum shall be filled with live by the Aymara people themselves.

Social projects

The Aymara museum is to be seen as social project where the local Aymara population and travellers interact. An Aymara village will be created and managed by locals. This way the visitor experiences the culture and traditions of the Aymara first hand. The museum also offers job opportunities for locals in a region dominated by unemployment.

Information centre

A library with the focus on Aymara culture and history, flora and fauna will serve both, locals and visitors.


Chakana will also serve as training center for the Aymara population. English training courses, cultural workshops and first aid courses are to be conducted here with government co-financement.

Meeting point

Being a living museum Chakana serves as a cultural space for public events too. Performances of the Aymara children theater group are planed as well as music concerts of local Andean music groups from Putre. Exhibitions of all arts and film screenings take also place here.

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