Social projects

Social concerns

Under the auspices of the Foundation Trekking Chile the Chakana museum addresses various social concerns. The museum itself provides jobs for locals.

The Foundation Trekking Chile promotes together with Chakana social initiatives. This projects are in line with Chakana’s philosophy. Here, a project example.

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Project: Sunglasses for high altitudes

The situation in the Altiplano is difficult. In remote villages, people live under extreme conditions. There is little medical care. Once a week an ambulance visits the villages. If you have a chance to get closer to the residents of the Andean region, one sees clearly that they are often almost blind, while the majority suffers of cataract. This phenomenon is widley spread also among the younger population. In the highlands prevail harsh living conditions. The Aymara live at altitudes between 2,000 and 4,500 m. This are extreme conditions for the human eye. In order to face this challenge and educate in the same time the people about the importance of eye protection the optician Danny Schlicke has started a project focusing on the collection of sunglasses from Munich’s opticians which shall be distributed in Chile. Danny also helps fitting spectacles in Bolivia and Peru where a considerable part of the Aymara population lives. In March 2008 information worksphops are planed in Putre and its surroundings, especially in schools, in order to reach as many children as possible.


sunglases for a child