Learning for the future

Under the auspices of the foundation Trekking Chile Chakana organizes training courses for locals working in the field of tourism. The foundation focuses on improving their present living conditions as well as future chances for success through education which takes place directly in Putre and in the Chilean Altiplano and not in the big cities of the lowlands. Chakana’s goal is to help locals develop skills which enable them to offer services in the field of tourism and to improve the present level of tourism related services - after all the key for new opportunities and for a better life lies in education.

What is special about this concept is that the training is set to meet the needs of travelers and hikers. The training takes place where the skills are to be implemented in the future, namely in the mountains.

English course

English is important, especially in tourism where language is the main mean of communication. So far in Putre one speaks Spanish and Aymara only. This is changing now. During a 2-month English course topics on tourism have been tought focusing on the practical side. Interactive exercises and simulations of real situations in the restaurant, in the souvenir shop or in the travel agency help locals learn a standard level of English in a real context. At the end of the language course locals and foreign tourists met and interacted with each other. This helped the language students build up selfconfidence.

Outdoor First Aid Course

For three days indigenous mountain and trekking guides were practicing outdoor first aid skills on Chakana’s compound in Putre under realistic conditions. The on-duty rescue team was on permanent alert in order to immediatelly respond to casualties simulated by training volunteers like severe open wounds or altitude sickness. A large mountain group tent served as classroom. Teaching methods for outdoor first aid are very special because the content is specifically geared up to the needs of hikers, climbers and similar outdoor activities. Beside the usual recovery position and resuscitation practice there were also other topics raised such as outdoor emergency management, hypothermia, sprains and dislocations, improvised bandages and leg splints, first-aid equipment, emergency call techniques and much more. The seminar was led by a German team of trainners qualified in outdoor medicine.

Seminars for tourist guides 2008

  • Trekking course
  • Cultural workshop on the colonial churches in the Altiplano
  • Outdoor cooking class
  • English courses with focus on flora and fauna

Practical language course
First Aid course
Practical language course