02. December 2010

Construction of museum finished

The construction of our Aymaramuseum is finished. More than 20 m long information walls a showing explanation about their live and culture. We are missing furnuture and some Details. We will use this building for seminars, courses and for reunions for the community.
06. March 2010

Finish of 3 new rooms

We are happy to anounce that we finished the construction of three more cabins. Togehter with the buildings already existing it looks like a small village in the middle of the chilean Highlands. We hope to finish in the next two month the construction of our first museum building.
Baubeginn Museum11. November 2009

Starting construction of museum

October 2009 we started to build the first house. It will tell about the aymara culture and about the village of Putre. We will use the building for seminars and courses. We were visited from the sponsor "Georg Kraus Foundation" from germany.